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The 30% discount will save you $100-200 on their online courses, and up to $500 on their in-person classes. Your savings will depend on the course you choose from ITTT.


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Do I need a TEFL Certification to Teach Abroad?

English Language Teachers >> Yes. Having a TEFL certification helps with both your job search and the job itself.


Certified Subject Teachers >> Probably not a big help in securing a job, but recommended if you'll be working in a class with lots of ESL students of varying levels.


Every school hiring English language teachers looks for candidates who have completed a TEFL certification course (Teach English as a Foreign Language). These courses serve two purposes: To improve your chance of getting hired, and to prepare you for a cross-cultural classroom. Most ESL schools require a 120 hour online TEFL certificate before they'll consider interviewing you.

Can you recommend a course?

Yes. There are lots of online courses out there. The quality of online courses varies; I have taken and would recommend the 120 hour course from International TEFL (ITTT), specifically the 120 hour course with videos and tutor support. Courses there cost from $160-500, and the 120 hour course will be somewhere in the middle.

If you have the time and money, a 4-6 week in-person class (like CELTA) would be an excellent introduction to teaching ESL because of the student teaching practicum you would do. Some of the schools on this network actually provide such TEFL certification classes (done in places like Thailand) before setting you up with a teaching job after that. The downside to such programs is the quality of jobs offered afterwards is not often superb, so build your network here on TAN to help in that regard.

Can I get a discount through this network?

Yes! If you have a subscription plan on TAN, you can get a 30% discount from ITTT with the link above ($150+ value), or if you don't want to get a subscription plan you can still get a 10% discount by clicking the banner or link below:


Click this link - or the banner below - to get a 10% discount on all course prices at ITTT, which I find is a great online TEFL course provider.

INSTRUCTIONS: Click the banner/link above, choose a course. It'll show you your discount after you sign up for a course (after the first page). I recommend you do the 120 hour course WITH videos and tutor.  If you do the no video or tutor course, it will be less fun and less worthwhile.  Remember, 120 hours is the industry standard, not 100 or 80.

Why get TEFL certified?

TEFL certification means a teacher has studied the art of teaching. You would do yourself - and your future school - a favor by attaining at least basic certification.  Perhaps you are certified through an undergrad or graduate teacher program.  Or maybe you have taken an online TEFL course.  Certainly the former is more significant, but making the effort of getting a TEFL certificate would make you more likely to be noticed by our schools.  

Furthermore - this is a message for certified AND non-certified candidates - don't you want to take pride in your work? We know you do. Being K-5 certified is great, but even if you are (and especially if you aren't!), go get a 120 hour TEFL certificate and be prepared for an ESL classroom.  The school will help train you a bit, and you should use the Groups on this network to create peer evaluation opportunities, but prepare yourself.  I promise you: If you make the effort to get prepared and show enthusiasm for getting a teaching position, school managers will notice and want to interview you.

Below is a list of reasons why you SHOULD get certified:

1. Schools and recruiters deem you better fit and more knowledgeable to teach
2. It will help when competing for a position
3. It is affordable
4. Schools may give you a slightly higher salary if you are certified
5. You WILL BE more confident, comfortable, and prepared to teach on Day 1

A better prepared teacher is a more confident teacher. We highly suggest reading about and obtaining a TEFL/TESOL certificate(s) while you are waiting for your visa documents. Finish it before you arrive and don't wait to finish it while you are abroad! You will be busy and want to do other things! Click the link above to get a discount on our favorite TEFL course.

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