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About the Teach Abroad Network


TAN is a free professional network for people who want to teach abroad and employer organizations/schools. Use it to find jobs, recruit staff, make friends, and form professional connections around the world.


I created TAN because trust is understandably difficult in the world of teaching abroad. Making the decision to teach in another country or hire a foreign teacher requires information that is often not provided by recruiters, job boards, or mainstream networks like LinkedIn (plus, most overseas schools don't use LinkedIn). A professional network should, above all, provide a platform for reviews and recommendations, as ways to gauge a person's or organization's reputation.


Since graduating college, I've spent 7 years in Asia and have worked with, recruited, and interacted with thousands of teachers and schools overseas. Everybody wants the same thing: comfortability. School managers want to be comfortable knowing who they're hiring, and teachers want to be comfortable knowing all about the place they're going to be working at for the next year. The key to comfortability is transparency, and that's exactly what TAN promotes.


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James Rector, Founder